Travel Break

I am so glad I went to Florida and met sweet Annalisa. But traveling across the country like that was difficult and I felt so tired most of the time. I think the travel and the jet lag is just too much for me. . . better now to stay in the West, I think.

IMG_0003Sharon, Annalisa, and John

I also took a short trip to Arizona to see my parents and my Aunt Sue and Uncle Gary. We ate great food, played cards, and went out for coffee. After that was a weekend at the Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, WA to celebrate Alex’s 40th birthday. We had nice rooms and wonderful spa treatments and got to stop at the outlet mall for a little shopping on our way home.

It’s nice to be home again, I’ve been doing some spring cleaning/organizing and napping with the pups. My last brain MRI was really good, showing the lesion has shrunk as much as they think is possible and there are no new spots. We are waiting 5 months until the next brain scan, from now on just to make sure the spot isn’t growing again and nothing new shows up– just routine check-ups. My next body scan is just going to be a CT because I’ve been doing so well and my tumor markers are stable. All good news!

The fatigue has been getting worse, and I don’t think it’s just the traveling. It’s probably a combination of things. I’ve been on Kadcycla over a year now, and the side effects can accumulate. Long-term chemo has damaged blood cells. So besides taking blood thinners, now I’m having trouble keeping my iron stores up. I’m anemic and it doesn’t seem to matter if I take iron, my blood just doesn’t know how to hold onto it. Not much we can do about that but live with it.

So, I’m tired. And I spend a lot of time at home, just resting but also getting restless and bored. It’s been almost a week since I’ve seen or talked to anyone that wasn’t a nurse or doctor. I’m feeling kind of isolated here and I know that I need to reach out more, even just for coffee dates or something. I think part of my problem is adjusting to daylight savings and more sunlight. I know most people love this, but I preferred it when I could put on pjs at 4pm when it got dark and then go to bed at 8pm. It’s staying light so late that I’m having trouble sleeping, which makes the fatigue never-ending.


2 thoughts on “Travel Break”

  1. You just need to rest and have the pups take care of you. I am with you, it stays light until 7 now, I liked the days I could be in my robe early. I am so glad you came to AZ. I hope you are feeling
    better after some much needed sleep…….

  2. I am so glad you could come out. I know it was rough on you, but than you for visiting. We will come you way next!

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