A New Look for the Blog


I’m tired of the Pink Chick and it’s time to move forward. Not only have I given a new look to the blog, you may notice that the website address has changed. If you go to the old link thepinkchick.wordpress.com it will redirect you here, so no worries about updating your saved links. But the new address is just http://www.karenkasonic.com. Easier to remember and feels better to me that this blog is about ME, not just the cancer part.

Things have been going very well. My last brain MRI was good and my CT scan this week was really good– no growth of the cancer at all. Unfortunately, the chemo is starting to cause some peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet. This is really common, and part of the price I’m paying for being on T-DM1 for so long. But it’s working on keeping my cancer at bay, so we are better off trying to treat the side effects and stay on the drug. I started gabapentin yesterday which should help the nerve pain and help me to get better rest at night. I haven’t noticed any change yet in my feet, but my pinkies were almost constantly tingling and going numb, and that has stopped. I also got a giant bottle of oxycodone to use for the pain I am having in my ribs, which is from cancer lesions.

So, I’m adding more pills into the pillbox each week. But, with good scans and tumor markers that are down to the lowest they’ve been since I was diagnosed, it looks like I’m going to get to enjoy another Seattle summer. I’m looking forward to getting outdoor furniture for my backyard patio, and maybe a fire pit out there. I hope to take lots of local trips with friends– there are so many beautiful places to go in Washington in the summertime. My 40th birthday party will be August 10, I still can’t really believe that is happening. Hooray for 40!

I will try to do a better job with keeping up the blog. I do update quite a bit on Facebook, so feel free to add me there. Now I am off to plan a June trip to Carmel, Monterey, and Big Sur. I have always wanted to go to the Monterey Aquarium and to see that part of the California coast. If I can swing it, I want to rent a convertible for the drive. Wouldn’t that be fun? Other goals for this summer are visiting the San Juans, spending time on Whidbey, and maybe renting a place in Winthrop or some other fun town. If you know anyone that owns recreation property that they would rent to someone with really cute dogs, let me know! My other big goal is to pay off my last credit card and be debt-free by the time I turn 40. I’m not sure how that is going to work when I’m planning all of these vacations, but I’m trying!

4 thoughts on “A New Look for the Blog”

  1. Karen,

    Nice update to your blog.



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  2. Winthrop! Mr. Craft and I were thinking of renting a cabin at Sun Mountain Lodge, but they don’t take furry babies. Let me know if you find any place good that will take the kids, too. (Love the new blog look, especially the sun! even if you know I’m always partial to pink!) xoxoxoxox

  3. I love your new blog, just seems happier…..The pups are so cute, makes me feel like we are just sitting around the house having a chat. You are amazing. I like the idea of a convertible.

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