The Awesomest Vacation

For our trip to Northern CA we stayed at a gorgeous place, the Carmel Valley Ranch. Lavender growing everywhere, lots of deer and wild turkeys, a great swimming pool and hot tub. We could have just stayed at the resort all day and been very happy. But, there were adventures to be had! We went to some really beautiful places.


Point Lobos State park. We hiked out to the end of these rocks.


That’s me out there!


We did the 17-mile drive through Pebble Beach


And we did all this while rollin’ in a brand new yellow Camero convertible. Whoot!


There was also a spa day and a lot of napping. But I was able to do something every day, which was great. I also got to see my friend Maggie in Monterey and my friend Laurel on the way to the airport– I hadn’t seen her in like 15 years! The time has all gone by so fast. There are so many things I still want to see and do. But for now I am back at home and in the routine, doing laundry and getting my iron infusions. I’m glad to be reunited with the pups. But man, do I miss driving a convertible!

2 thoughts on “The Awesomest Vacation”

  1. I love the pictures especially the one of you standing in your yellow convertible. Sounds like
    you had a great time…..Maybe Gary and I will go there for our 25th.. You could be their PR person. Give Finn and Piper a hug from me. Love you, Sue

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