The Break

So it’s been a long time since I’ve posted! I’ve been having a good time on my chemo break, busy with trips and fun. In February I went to Hawaii with my best friend, Alex, and our great friends Tracey and John joined us for 5 days of the trip. We stayed at a big resort on the Big Island and it was an awesome way to relax and celebrate Alex’s birthday. There was a lot of walking to get anywhere at the resort, but I enjoyed the covered cabana chairs and bar service!


It was difficult to leave after only a week, but that just means that I need to go back again soon. In March I went to Arizona to visit my parents while my Aunt and Uncle were there. We had a great time playing cards and going out to some great restaurants.


Looking ahead, I’m thinking about a trip to Santa Fe in April and another trip to Carmel again this June. And there is a possibility of meeting up with my cousins in San Francisco in July. But I’m not buying any tickets yet because April 1 I have to start back on chemo again. . .

I had 5 months on just Herceptin and Faslodex, that was quite a good break so I’m happy about that. So while the news was expected, it was still a bummer to hear that my last scan showed growth in the cancer in my bones. There is both more activity in the spots we knew about and new spots that have popped up or returned, so there’s no getting around going back on some kind of chemo. Because Kadcycla (TDM-1) never stopped working for me (I stopped it because the side effects had become too much), we are going to go back on it with the hopes it will continue to do it’s job. At least I know what to expect from this drug. But I am a bit nervous about it. . . remembering the debilitating fatigue, the gruesome nosebleeds, and the pain everywhere. But hopefully it won’t start out that badly and I’ll get some time before it builds back up.

I have more than 50 cancer mets in my bones, from my collar bones and arms down through my ribs and spine, and into my pelvis and femur. It takes my body a lot of energy to fight it so I have still been really tired the past few months. The pain I was having in my tailbone that sparked going on morphine hasn’t bothered me much lately, but the pain everywhere else is exhausting. My ribs hurt, my hips hurt, I wake up every few hours and have to change positions because everything just hurts so much. And that is while on narcotics. I probably need to increase the dosage, but I’m just not mentally ready to go there yet.

I have almost two more weeks before Kadcylca starts, so I’m hoping to have some fun. I might just go up to Whidbey for a few days or I might stay in town and go shopping and eat out and try to see friends. Call me if you want to meet up!

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